Bernie Talmas for
     Woodinville City Council

Connectivity to Downtown and Traffic Improvements

To achieve a village atmosphere in the downtown area we need to ensure that there is safe pedestrian and bicycle access from all parts of the City. Bernie has worked hard to ensure that fire and police can deliver citizen services in a timely fashion by moving efficiently through traffic and intersections.

Under Bernie’s leadership as Mayor of the City of Woodinville the last four years, he has balanced spending so that traffic, infrastructure, and bike lanes are now included in the 6-year Transportation Improvement Plan and the 20-year Capital Improvement Plan.

Preserving the Rural Character of our Neighborhoods

Woodinville is in danger of losing one of the primary reasons many of us moved here — its open spaces. Developers have put pressure on the City staff to up zone the R-1 area, overbuild, ignore low-impact development standards, and have even sued the city. Now Snohomish County is proposing a Regional Sports facility just above Costco with 700 parking spaces – an exponential increase to traffic that the City’s budget and fragile infrastructure cannot support.

Bernie supports development and building new homes, with emphasis on new development in the downtown core. And he’s interested in preserving salmon streams, wildlife corridors, and buffer zones in the process of planning for future growth.

In the past, Bernie has served on the Board of Concerned Neighbors of Wellington (CNW) and has been active in protecting the interests of the City of Woodinville as discussions about the future of Wellington Hills Golf Course continue with Snohomish County.

Always respecting the passion of citizens and their desire to protect and preserve our natural resources, Bernie is an avid fan of the rural character of the City of Woodinville and the unique qualities it brings to Woodinville.

Supporting Our Business Community

As a small business owner for 30 years with a regular payroll to meet, Bernie uniquely understands and shares the concerns of our business community. He believes we should promote the revitalization of our aging commercial and industrial areas into a business campus environment that will attract new technology-based companies. Woodinville can grow its business base without the need to increase housing density.

Better City Planning

Have you wondered why Woodinville government pushed to bring in the largest garbage recycling plant west of the Mississippi--with low income jobs and a constant stream of garbage trucks into the city--instead of a Microsoft or Google campus? Bernie is working to change the decision-making process of the city council so that better planning decisions are made.

Long-term planning should provide the infrastructure and services our citizens have asked for, such as connectivity throughout the city for bicycle and pedestrian travel, and traffic improvements. The key long-term issue is to maintain the woodland character of Woodinville, despite the many development pressures facing the city.

Controlled Growth

Growth will come whether we want it or not. Bernie is dedicated to guiding it to protect the lifestyle and environment that makes Woodinville what it is. Bernie advocates encouraging responsible, low impact businesses and industries that fit Woodinville’s image. For example: wine-themed businesses, banking, and agribusiness. Woodinville’s population growth should be concentrated in the downtown area. Woodinville can grow our business base by revitalizing our existing industrial and commercial areas without the need to increase density in our R-1 areas.

Fiscal Responsibility

Under Bernie’s leadership, Woodinville is learning to balance its budget and live within its means. Since taking office four years ago, he’s already made substantial progress:
  • Restored and maintained Woodinville’s financial stability. City processes have been streamlined, reducing costs and providing funds for roads, paving and flood control.
  • Preserved existing residential zoning while approving development and new roads downtown.
  • Saved the Carol Edwards Center, enlisting the YMCA for operations, increasing programming and saving over $1,000,000 annually.
Now, Woodinville is starting to focus on essential infrastructure projects instead of appealing, but non-essential, projects that do not benefit all taxpayers. Road projects which had been put on hold as less important projects in years past are now being planned for completion. This increases public safety and reprioritizes the city of Woodinville’s capital budget on necessary infrastructure and road projects, traffic streamlining and providing an inviting downtown.

With your vote, Bernie will continue to work proactively with the City of Redmond, Snohomish County, and King County in order to ensure that our efforts and priorities are well understood in order to achieve maximum synergy together. After all, many Woodinville residents work in Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland and use roads that are governed by multiple agencies twice a day in the course of going to and returning from work.
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